L’Oreal Paris voxbox

I’ve been running a little behind on the reviews lately but I’m gonna make it up to yall right now.

I recently received news that I was getting the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous voxbox and I was so happy that they picked me to review this box.  Not only do I love L’Oreal Paris but I also love their makeup. I got the voxbox in the mail yesterday and I about died of joy; I love it so more and it was just wow. As soon as I opened the box, I immediately opened took out everything and took pictures. I also opened the makeup to try the products and I just love them. They are everything I expected and more; in the box you get, the original Voluminous mascara, the new Voluminous Primer mascara, the Brow Stylist Prep & Shape Pro Kit, the 16 hour infallible never fail eyeliner, and  two shades of L’Oreal Paris eye shadows. You also get an information card on the inside of every box that tells you about the products and how they work, usually.

I am absolutely in love with this brand of makeup and everything about it and would recommend this brand to anyone and everyone.


Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Seneo Essential Oil Diffuser

This Essential Oil Diffuser comes in seven different LED night light colors  and has the max flow of four to five hours. The Diffuser can also be used as a Ultrasonic Humidifer and a Aroma Diffuser. The seven LED colors are Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Teal, White; This device also comes with a measuring cup to message the right amount of water, which is 100ml and a plug to plug it in. The noise level is pretty low to a hum and you can even set the diffuser in your kids room to help them sleep or you can keep it in another room and just relax. This product is good for any kind of family even kids.

I received this product from Seneo for winning a giveaway. My opinions are my own.

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My #GlamVoxBox


In the voxboxes, Influenster will put in full size samples to trial size samples for you to try out and deliver your honest opinion.

As you can see, I received alot of things including Gillette Venus razor and shower gel, Not Your Mother’s dry Shampoo, Shea Moisture Samples, Cutex Nail Polish Remover, and Qtips. I loved everything that came into this box. The Gillette razor with shave gel got my legs really smooth and Rockin, the Shea Moisture is amazing with its Moisturizing feature, the Qtips are great when you need them and are handy in a carry-on purse, and the dry shampoo is also good for when you are lazy and don’t wanna take a shower. All these items are great for any beauty need you have.

*I received all these items complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes and to give my honest review.*


Jackpot Candles -review and reveal

IMG_20151210_242709608Jackpot Candles is a candle company with a Jackpot in every candle. The Candles are $24.95 and the tarts are $15.95.

I got in my candle from Jackpot Candles in yesterday and it smelled amazing and true to scent description. It smells so much of peppermint with a hint of Vanilla. I then burned the candle and then, later that day, I saw the Jackpot wrapped in a Purple foil. You can smell the candle burning all the way downstairs as you can smell the peppermint. This candle is not very strong but it can wake you up, in a good way.

My overall review is that the candle lives true to scent description and burns clean. Since I smelled it all the way downstairs, it is a moderate level of smell. I definitely recommend this candle company to anyone who loves Candles and loves surprises.



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Graze Box Review

FB_IMG_1448993071121Graze.com is a subscription box delivered to you weekly at the cost of $11.99.

I received my free box of Graze to review and the box comes with 8 varieties of snacks. There are different box types and the company helps you find the right one for you. They sent me the 8 snack variety and it came with Mocha Walnut Cake, Popcorn with hint of Black Pepper, Stars and Stripes, Zesty Chili Lime Cashews (my favorite), Pumpkin Spice Flapjacks, Vitamin C Crush, Thai Sweet Chili Bites, and a Smart Blondie Bar. All the snacks were amazing and delicious.  I recommend Graze box to anyone and everyone who is a lover of snacks.

To sign up for Graze.com, use my code. LIZM1D4DB



PinchMe review


Firsr off, PinchMe is a service where you get to pick your own samples that match your profile. PinchMe will then send out your box within 4-6 weeks but in my case, it felt like a month or two.

October’s box was filled with Special K chewy nut bar: cranberry almond, Charlee Bear’s bear Crunch , Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant srick, Nexcare Tegaderm band-aid,$100 wine vocher fron Naked Wines.com, and some coupons. The Special K bar sweet and salty but good at the same time with the cranberry, peanuts, rasins, almonds, and oats. My dogs loved the dog treats from Charlee Bear and smelled them once I got them out of the box. I use Secret Deodorant all the time and love the impact of the Clinical Streath; it lasts up to 48 hours and I don’t need to reapply it. The Band-Aids come in handy when you are out hiking or even on the road. I always them with me to prepare for any emergency.

I love PinchMe.com because you can choose what samples you want. I recommend PinchMe to anyone. You can use my code to join; 5Z7H4. PinchMe.com

Disclaimer: I got these products for free.

My imPress Manicure Review

42515a3e-68df-4b7a-bb91-39a2a74cf9a7.             I can say that ImPress Gel Manicure set is amazing. They hold up to anything, from washing dishes to washing your hair in the shower. ImPress Gel Nails are nice in color and have different color schemes to each set you buy. They are even good for everyday wear and they don’t chip, wear off, peel off. They actually stay on nails, even if you have the, “fake nails usually fall/pop off my nails” thought.

     The ImPress Gel Manicures come in all different colors and styles. Weather you want to wear them out on the town or to a wedding, they hold up. If you don’t have time to go to a salon and you have somewhere to go, just pop the nails in minutes and go. It is so simple and so shiny.

*Disclaimer: I got this item as a sample free. They are NOT paying me to do this review. These are my opinions and mine only.*

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